New Guardian Cub pet in the Blizzard Pet Store

by Pandaren on November 2, 2011

Here is how it works.

1. Head over to the blizzard pet store and add the Guardian Cub by selecting the quantity you would like you purchase and then by clicking on the “Redeem in Battle.Net” .

2. After clicking, you will need to log into your Battle.Net account. Once you log in you wil be presented with this screen. From here just choose the account you would like to attach the guardian cub to and click continue.

3. Choose the toon you would like to receive the Guardian Cub. Click continue.

4. Now you have to click again to confirm that you want to send the Guardian Cub to this toon. Click Continue to Payment

5. Pay for your new Guardian Cub.

6. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of Guardian Cub. Now just login to your toon and get your Guardian Cub from any in-game mailbox.

7. If you want to add the pet to your collection, do so the normal way, by clicking on it. HOWEVER, if you want to sell the pet on the AH or give it away read below.

24 hour cooldown!

The Guardian Cub Pet is soulbound for 24 hrs after you receive it

That’s right, this pet will be soulbound and has to sit in your bags or in your mail box for 24 hours before it becomes unbound. After the cooldown, you can give it away, send it to another toon or even sell it for Gold on the Auction House.

*This has been confirmed by Blizzard as acceptable.

Q: Could I put the Guardian Cub up on the auction house to try to make some gold if I wanted to?

While our goal is to offer players alternative ways to add a Pet Store pet to their collection, we’re ok with it if some players choose to use the Guardian Cub as a safe and secure way to try to acquire a little extra in-game gold without turning to third-party gold-selling services.

It will be interesting to see what these sell for on the AH.

UPDATE 11/03/2011
I sold one on my server for 20,000 gold! It literally only took minutes to sell. It probably didn’t hurt that the only other person selling one had an asking price of 100,000 gold. I bought 2 more and will see what happens.

I did check another server, Rexxar, and there they are listed on the AH for as little as 8,000 gold.

I guess sometimes it is nice to be on a smaller population server.


Guild Name Change now active

by Pandaren on October 27, 2011

Guild services are now available on all North American realms.